09.00 am – 4.30 pm

• BIM Manager Roles and
• The Five Components of BIM

BIM Technology
• BIM Software
• BIM Software Issues

BIM Protocol
• BS 1192:2007
• PAS 1192-2 2013

Employer Information Requirements (EIRs)
• EIR Development Process
• EIR Scope Position
• EIR and Contract Document
• Discussion & Presentation on EIR

09.00 am – 04.30 pm

BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
• Identify BIM Goals and Uses
• Designing the BIM Execution Plan
• Developing Information Exchanges
• Define Supporting Infrastructure
• Pre and Post Contract of BEP
• Agreed Matrix of Responsibilities
across the Supply Chain
• Task Information Delivery Plan
• Project Information Model (PIM)
• Discussion & Presentation for BEP

This module is specifically designed for senior construction professionals and is divided into two Parts i.e. BIM Implementation and Management. Part 1 gives the BIM Manager understanding on their roles and responsibilities and job functions, more information and knowledge on BIM software and issues, BIM Protocols including the standards used and the Employer Information Requirements (EIRs) which are needed to develop a successful BIM Execution Plan.

a) Diploma or Degree holder A/E/C related course
b) 5 years working experience in A/E/C related field or 5 years experience in teaching final year subject in A/E/C related degree course
c) Has attended BIM concept & theory